Buying Guns Online is Easy: Here’s How!!

Select your firearm and purchase it-Purchasing a firearm online is very easy:

  1. Pay us directly for your firearm.
  2. Choose Firefight Gunworks or your local FFL dealer to receive your firearm.
  3. Age requirements for firearms:
    • 21 years old- Handguns/Receivers
    • 18 years old- Rifles/Shotguns

Arrange the shipment and transfer:

  1. Find a Federal Firearms Licensed(FFL) Dealer in your area. Click HERE to find a local FFL to receive the firearm and they will transfer the firearm to you.
  2. Email the FFL dealer name, address and phone number, and we will contact them and ensure your in compliance with federal and state laws concerning firearms and set up a shipment date.
  3. Make sure you contact them and ask about their FFL transfer/background check fees. Normally is around $35 Dollars but varies state to state.

Important info about your order:

  1. When placing your order, please type in the dealer’s information into the shipping address section of your order. Enter your dealer’s first and last name for the shipping address name. Then enter your local FFL Dealer shop’s name for shipping company name, then their address and phone number.
  2. We will contact them and get a copy of their FFL for you! If it is your first time sending a gun to that local gun shop for a transfer, you should contact them and ask them what their policies are and if you need to do anything before the firearm arrives at their shop like pay them the transfer fee or fill out a form.
  3. It is best practice to locate a FFL dealer to transfer your gun before you place your order. However, you can place your order first and then provide us with your FFL dealer info before we ship. We will hold your order for 7 business days to give you time to locate a dealer and arrange a transfer.
  4. Please include your order number on any correspondence you or your FFL may send us. If you encounter any problems or special circumstances, please call us or email us via the contact us form and we will be happy to address your concerns.

When you pick up your firearm:

  1. Once the firearm is ready to be picked up at your FFL, please inspect the firearm thoroughly to make sure it is exactly what you ordered and that there are no defects with the firearm. If there are any problems whatsoever, do not accept the transfer!! We will gladly have the firearm picked up and returned to us at our expense and provide you with your choice of a replacement or full refund.
  2. Once you accept the transfer, the gun is considered used and must be returned directly to the manufacturer for warranty repair or replacement. No returns to will be accepted after a transfer has been accepted and finalized.

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